Katharine Hepcat

I think a lot about the people that have come into my life.  Whether they stay or go, whether the experience is good or bad, everyone is just part of the process.  Some people it’s easy to move on from and not waste a single shred of energy on again.  They become distant memories.  People that played their part, made a difference, but really don’t matter anymore.

There are others that make a subtle impact.  Like my friend Walter.  I haven’t sat in a room with this particular friend for nearly 30 years.  He’s the kind of friend that you pick back up with right where you left off like it was 10 minutes ago.  We weren’t even great friends – hell, we probably never even sat in a room together 30 years ago.  We were more of acquaintances – but he was just that guy I instinctively knew had my back.

He’s a like-minded creative soul.  In fact, everything to him is some sort of creative expression.  It’s awe-inspiring really.  He  reached out to me a few years  ago to record some vocals on a couple tracks he wrote for a fictitious band.  For starters, why on earth wouldn’t I want to be the vocalist for a virtual band made up of musicians I’ve never played with that will go on to tour nowhere and essentially (as per the norm with me and Walter) never be in a room together?  For all those reasons, and the fact that he called the band “Katharine Hepcat,” I didn’t hesitate for a moment to say “Hellz Yes.”

Katharine Hepcat

Photo Credit – Paul Dutra (another amazingly creative cat I went to high school with)

Check out tracks here:

“Frankie”:  http://katharinehepcat.bandcamp.com/track/frankie

“Tiger Prints”: http://katharinehepcat.bandcamp.com/track/tiger-prints

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