About me

I’m a singer and voiceover artist, but I never wanted to live in my car.  My first job, at the age of 9, was shucking oysters and putting rubber bands on lobster claws as the boats brought them into a local restaurant.  At age 12 I was the youngest Avon Representative in the country.  Since then I have worked with mentally challenged children, been a dishwasher, a cook, a waitress, a bartender, a restaurant manager, a foot model, a debt collector, a skip tracer, a dental assistant, a paralegal, a bookkeeper, an office manager, a landscaper, owned two businesses, have a patent on an invention, worked on a political campaign for a State Representative, and worked for the Federal Government.  I’m currently doing time in the movie business.

Though it seems I’ve done a lot, I’ve maintained a comfortable lifestyle throughout most of my career primarily working by day as a paralegal and singing by night – always trying to strike a Libra balance between the organized side and the creative side of my brain.  I left a stable job and salary to move across country and feed my spirit – twice. I’m originally from small town New England. At the age of 24 I was already fully vested in a 401K and felt really old for my age, so I picked up and moved down the East Coast to an island in the Florida Keys where I lived for many years. From there, I moved to Miami and back to the mainland where I became the paralegal of a successful law practice and where I could have stayed for the rest of my working career if I so chose to. As a single woman, I managed to buy two fine pieces of property and could have remained quite content. But, I was homesick for a place I’d never been and knew in my heart that I should be expressing myself in a more creative way. So, in August, 2006 at the age of 37, I packed my bags and relocated to Los Angeles to surround myself with creative thinkers. I now work by day in the executive offices on a major movie studio lot and frequently sing on various studio and other projects. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.

I am musical, creative, artistic, flirty, sarcastic, bold, daring, caring, obsessively organized, dependable, loyal and driven. I’ve spent most of my life trying to strike a Libra balance between the organized side and the creative side of my brain. And I am a TRUE Libra — and relatively well balanced for being so…at least most of the time. I am light and dark, I am here and there, I am content but restless, I am clear-headed but confused, I am bold but shy, I am spontaneous but calculated, I am artistic but organized, I am edgy but conservative, I am adventurous but cautious.  I’m light hearted and fun spirited, and I don’t take myself too seriously. I like to take risks. My life can change on a dime and I like that!! I’m unpredictable, in a good way. And I’m completely self-sufficient. I have the devil in my eyes, I’m told, and have been the muse for numerous musicians, artists and writers. Inspiring and inspired…

To learn more about me, listen to music, and check out stuff I like to do, please visit my various websites:


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