Subtle Changes

The gallery wall in our office is charming enough on it’s own as it is an eclectic collection of original pieces from various artists and friends … and/or friends who are artists.  Why “Yes” that IS a needlepoint of Chris Cornell stitched in chartreuse thread.

BeforeI, however, recently stumbled across this Etsy Shop and figured why not make that gallery wall even more fabulous…which I did with the purchase of a series of ornate frames and an equally ornate clock.  Taking the fab gallery wall to nothing short of uber-fab.



When Pigs Fly

I recall my Aunt Diane being smitten with pigs as decor. And while I have nothing against pigs, (in fact I used to own two pot bellied pigs – Hamlet and Virginia Ham – yup true story),  I never really gravitated towards pigs in my own decor. My dear friend Bill has a plethora of pigs around his home … so many, in fact, that his wife, Alicia, has put the kibosh on him getting any more.

As evidenced HERE and HERE, I already have a couple of pigs in my home.  This little piggy, however, I fashioned up myself.  I had seen in various places a Golden Winged Piggy Bank pop up in design.  And let me tell you at $175, I refuse to fork over pennies in my piggy bank for such a purchase.

And then this happened…I stumbled across a white ceramic winged piggy at “Michaels” craft store.  It wasn’t a bank, but it generally looked very similar.  It was also on the clearance rack for $4.00.  I promptly brought it home and spray painted it with metallic gold spray paint I had on hand, leaving me with $171 and my owned golden winged piggy.

THEIRS (at $175.00)

MINE (at $4.00)

Say Cheese!

As I sat back and reflected on my collections a bit a few days ago, it dawned on me that I, indeed, have other collections as well, and as usual, this next collection did not start out as a collection either.

I bought a lovely vintage Bell and Howell 8mm Movie Camera for my boyfriend for Christmas on Etsy. He’s an actor and I wanted him to know I support his acting pursuits…plus, I thought it would look rad adorning a bookshelf.

While we were visiting his family that holiday season, we went thrifting (uh yeah, cuz I found a boy who’s parents like to thrift with me) only to find yet another vintage 8mm movie camera. Whoa! What are the chances? Turns out pretty good because throughout my thrifting, I’ve found a myriad of them. In fact, I had to put the stop to the collection once it took over the bookshelf. Well, that is to say, until I find another one I can’t live without.

I’ve seen a lot of vintage camera collections, Pez dispenser collections, paint my number collections, my father’s aforementioned elephant collection.  What kind of collections to you have?

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…

My Dad had a collection of elephants…well, my Dad STILL has a collection of elephants…I couldn’t say for sure just how many elephants he has, but suffice to say there are corners of his house devoted to them and they all face the same direction, for luck…apparently…

I’ve had various collections over the years too, but one thing remained consistent in my own collections: I wasn’t always the one who started them. When I was 19 I made a trip to Disney World and came home with a little Mickey Mouse porcelain figurine. Subsequent to that $9.99 purchase I began to receive mugs, dolls, commemorative plates, ornaments, magnets, calendars, pencils and frankly anything else you could possibly stick Mickey’s ears on. At one point, it had taken over an entire room in my house, at which point I pictured the impending doom that my ever-growing collection was going to take me over… at which point, I donated the entire thing to two small children.

I was done with collections…or so I thought, until… Enter Mr. Potato Head.

There was no solid plan for this to have ever evolved into a collection. Once again, another trip to Disney World started the entire cycle. I waltzed into one of the Disney shops and there were giant lucite tubes from floor to ceiling full of Mr. Potato Head parts. As you walked in the door, you collected a box and a potato. From there, whatever additional parts you could shove in the box were yours for a pittance of $10. So I got 2 and started filling the box with accessories and limbs, and eyes n’ ears. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to have Mr. Potato Head and a basket of parts on my coffee table for guests to play with.

Well, and so the story goes…I now have so many Mr. Potato Heads I’ve lost count and a large basket remains under my coffee table full of parts. But what started off as something to amuse my houseguests has branched off into some collectors items as well.  I now have the entire band KISS, Elvis, Spiderman, Darth Tater and Spud-Troopers. At times when a character becomes a Mr. Potato Head, a potato alter-ego is established.



So that happened. Now, let me tell you about my cookie cutter collection…

Rogues Gallery

While on a recent visit with a friend, I had to travel through her time portal of terrifying family photos to get a mere few steps to the powder room. It got me thinking that while I have a bevy of folders and digital slideshows and jump drives full of family photos, I don’t have many photos displayed in my world.

When I got home, I flew up the staircase, only to stop halfway and realize, I had a gallery wall waiting to be adorned!! I stood there for a few moments staring at the blank wall until I had my Eureka moment – A Celebrity Mugshot Line-Up!!

I quickly plopped myself down with my laptop and started ganking photos off the web. I found a plethora of classics: Johnny Cash, David Bowie, George Carlin and about 20 others. I narrowed it down to 18 with one female – Jane Fonda in her classic “power to the people” pose. I shot the images, one by one, to my wireless printer…while comfortably plopped down on my bed. (I did have to make a quick trip to Ikea for frames on my lunch hour one day, but even that took me less than a half hour round trip).

After framing all the mughots, which all told took about 20-minutes, I lined them up in no particular order in the stairwell watching the wall go from nearly empty to a Rogues Gallery in less than 10 minutes.

Maybe not my classic family photo display, but perhaps way cooler than your Sears portrait session circa 1973? And, my whole stairwell is now filled with art for less than $45!