Kill Taupe

I stumbled across “Kill Taupe” on Etsy years ago.  Jason, the artist behind the magic, describes himself as an…

“Illustrator and mischief maker living among the hellish strip malls and mcmansions of suburban Detroit. My work often pokes fun at pop culture or social norms and contains slurpee chugging bears, swearing veggies,
manic rabbits, zombies and high levels of snark”.

…uh, yeah … this guy is right up my alley. In fact we were “friends” on Myspace years ago … (memba Myspace?) and he was thoughtful enough to send me one of his pieces. So, my upstairs boasts its very own “Kill Taupe” pink bunny that I walk by everyday and giggle at.

My living room, however, was starting to feel very “taupe” … in fact I looked around one night and said to my boyfriend “I never spend anytime in the living room because it’s too taupe – we need to kill taupe!”  He was like “um … what the hell are you talking about?!”  I explained that the living room had become too bland for me to stand to be in…and there was this artist dude in the mid-west that painted snarky bears n’ stuff…and kill taupe…and in short I needed to inject some color into my surroundings with a quickness.  He was like “you’re crazy, do whatever you want to make you wanna spend time in the living room”.

Living Room - BEFORE

It cost hardly anything to brighten up the living room.  We started by simply relocating a rug from upstairs.  I wasn’t ready to commit to a full couch makeover as I haven’t found the perfect fabric yet … it’s just one of those things I’ll know when I see it.  So, in the meantime, my friend Jenny helped me turn a duvet cover into a custom cushion cover for the couch and accompanying chair, and I shuffled around pillows from various other places to inject a shot more of color.  For a total of about $40, and about 1 hour of time … I got essentially a brand new living room … or at the very least, one I’m now happy to chillax in.

Living Room - AFTER