Recycle – Reuse – Repurpose

With all of my music digitized, I was left with boxes of CD’s.  Sure, I could have sold them to various places, but to me that would still be just getting rid of them somehow and probably would have only left me with enough money to get – well, a few more CD’s. 

The dilemma became … how can I continue to enjoy my old CD’s without disposing of them?  The obvious answer – you have them digitized – go plug in your iPod – but, c’mon now…I can do better than that.

Because I work with the most creative people in the world, I got together with some dudes here at work and had a bunch of my CD’s cut into butterflies.  That’s right butterflies.  But they didn’t just cut them, they cut them into various different shapes of butterflies and drilled a tiny hole in to random points on the wings so I could them string them up into this…

ImageI used fishing line to string up the butterflies at varying lengths and simply tacked them to the back of an old picture frame and used a little remnant ribbon to hang it up.  It’s quite large with the longest point being about 6 feet and is now hanging thru my staircase. 

The fishing line seems to disappear when you look at it, and the light through the windows reflects off the mirrored side of the CD’s resulting in butterflies fluttering all over the walls. 


I wish I could say this was an original concept, but it was actually inspired by a piece in our Music Department that contained at least 100 CDs.  I worked with the same guys on our lot to produce this smaller version for my home.