Apothecary Vessels (a/k/a Not your Mother’s Decor)

French pharmacy jars date back to the early part of the 20th century and are quite expensive when you do come across them, the average price point being about $100.00.  I suspect that way back in those days of yore, people probably legitimately kept cocaine, arsenic and opium in these gorgeous apothecary vessels.


Jonathan Adler created a similar line of “vice” jars and while I love how whimsical they are, they too come with an equally unreasonable (for my wallet) price point of around $140.00 EACH.


Taking a page from both of these proverbial playbooks, I created my own fantabulous vice jars with a more palatable price point of about $40 for all 3 (and I didn’t even pay for them out of my wallet – they were on my Xmas wish list – knowing in the back of my head the entire time what I was going to do with them).  While they don’t house any of the items they suggest, you will find them in my bathroom housing q-tips, cotton balls and makeup sponges.

J 3 Jars