Seems So Obvious

The kitchen in our rental home is large, functional and much nicer than your average rental kitchen.  Although the landlord had clearly anticipated that the original red accent stripe might  not be agreeable to everybody and at some point had it painted black, the stark white blacksplash still lacked a little je ne sais quoi.

Before Tea Before

I just thought it needed a little upgrade – a temporary, cleanable “can be removed without a trace” upgrade.  While I originally thought wall decals would be the “go to” method for this project, I couldn’t find any available pattern (despite an extensive Etsy search) that fit my 3″ x 3″ tiles.  So, as per usual, I improvised.

Using the same method I use to create my china, I created waterslide decals and applied them in various places along the tiles.  The result is a pattern that fits my decor, and the decals can be completely removed from the tile without a trace.  They leave no residue, no sticky substance, and no discoloration. The decals could be sealed making them permanent.  I will, however, need to be cautious in not using anything abrasive to clean the tile, and it remains to be seen whether or not they will hold up to the heat behind the stovetop.

The entire project took about an hour, including creating the template, printing the tiles, cutting them out and applying them.  My boyfriend took one look and said “Huh, why did you never do that before?  Seems so obvious…”

After Stovetop


After Whale

After Skull

After Mango